Essential IP network troubleshooting tools for onsite network engineers and for system integrators providing remote support for their clients

All tools in one place No need for installing and switching between multiple tools for your routine troubleshooting. Access device configurations, inventory listings, Syslog messages, terminal console, and Topology maps from within a single client.

Full Layer 2 and 3 topology maps as well as per VLAN and per Subnet maps.

Familiar command line No need to navigate through menus, windows and dialogue boxes. NetXploreIt tools are used through a command line which you can easily get familiar with.

Easy save and share No need to use multiple applications to save and share your troubleshooting data. Save configurations, logs, maps, etc. in a single file which is also viewable with the (free) NetXploreIt Viewer app.

Secure (https) interface between NetXploreIt and its clients. Remotely access network information and carry the needed troubleshooting.

Immediately run a network discovery and configuration collection or set it as daily or weekly schedule.





Monitoring Tool - Free

NetXploreIt Viewer - Free


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Frequently Asking Questions (FAQs)

"NetXploreit Server" is licensed, however you can use it for 30 days 
"NextXploreIt Monitoring tool" is free

Yes ,"NetXploreIt Monitoring Toolis a stand-alone application and there is no dependency on the server to operate.

Yes, "NetXploreIt Viewer" is the distribution viewer for the generated documents from "NextXploreIt User Client"

No, "NetXploreIt Server" must installed on Ubuntu. however; not recommended; you can install "NetXploreIt User Client" and "NetXploreIt Admin Client" on the same Machine (under MacOS or Windows)

"NetXploreIt Admin Client" is used to configure the "NetXploreIt Server"  but "NetXploreIt User Client" is to do all the fun. also to satisfy the role and security privilege requirements.

No conflict, both can be run on the same machine.